The affiliation of this institution is to Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University, Faizabad.

MBBS Course – Career Institute Of Medical Sciences Hospital, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh undertakes the teaching and training of students for under-graduate course of MBBS. The medical college and the medical courses are recognized by Medical Council of India.

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The mission of our institution is to produce competent, skillful, socially committed, knowledgeable and caring medical surgeons/specialists, capable to accept social and professional responsibilities in relation to oral health & medical care and treatment of anomalies and diseases of the wholebody. To help students develop a self confident integrated personality, relevant in terms of sympathetic but effective & safe care of patients. To provide students with attitude and qualities to behave as true professional & responsible citizens. To appreciate the needs of community and significance of one’s continuing professional development and keeping one self up-to- date with recent advancements.

To make them understand the concept of community health education and be able to participate in the rural health care delivery programs existing in the country.

Aims & Objectives

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A. Adequate knowledge & understanding, pertaining to:

  • Scientific foundation on which medical science is based.
  • Development, structure & function of the whole body and associated structures.
  • Clinical disciplines & methods providing a coherent picture of anomalies lesion & disease and preventive,
    diagnostic & therapeutic aspects of treatment.
  • Clinical experience for general medical practice.
  • Constitution, biological functions & behavior of persons in health/sickness, influence of natural/social environment on state of health, in so far, as it affects dentistry.

B. Skill and knowledge necessary for day to day practice

  • Diagnose & manage various common health problems.
  • Prevent & manage complications (if any).
  • Carry out certain investigative procedures & ability to interpret laboratory findings.
  • Promote oral health & prevent oral diseases.

C. Attitudes:

  • Apply current knowledge of medical science in the best interests of patient/community.
  • Maintain high standards of professional ethics/conduct. To improve awareness/solutions for oral health problems &  needs of the community.
  • Help & participate in the implementation of the National Oral Health Policy.