Glocal Medical College, Super Specialty Hospital & Research Center, Saharanpur,Uttar Pradesh

Dec 21, 2016


|MCI status:Permitted u/s 10(A) for 2016-17. The permission is conditional granted by Oversight Committee|

Uttar Pradesh

Name of Medical College
Glocal Medical College, Super Specialty Hospital & Research Center, Saharanpur

Affiliated University
Glocal University, Saharanpur


Year of Establishment
2016 |dated 20/08/2016|

MBBS Seats

PG Seats
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Global canvas, local colours—that is what we, at Glocal, simply believe in. It is the prism that refracts all our endeavours — whether it is our architecture, curriculum design, pedagogy, hostel life, laboratories, café or the library. In short, we simply celebrate the liminal space where the ‘global’ meets the ‘local’. We are traditional, yet we are not. We are modern, yet we are not really so. We understand the hybrid nature of the global workplace and that is why no barriers constrain us. To flourish in the world today, one cannot afford substantive and rigid visions of the good life. One has to appreciate the negotiated nature of the contemporary. That is why we emphasise reflexivity, flexibility, diversity and accommodation as key values. While that is the ethos of critical engagement, we aspire to craft, we are equally keen to develop top quality doctors for dedicated patient care.


At the Glocal Medical College Super Specialty Hospital &Research Center, we are committed to producing top- notch doctors who have a zeal for perpetual learning and are capable of performing well in diverse professional and cultural settings. While we provide the students with all the tools required to successfully take on the world, we also endeavour to instil in them a healthy cultural rootedness that combines the best of traditional values with modern and progressive sensibilities.